In search of Romanesque architecture

In search of Romanesque architecture

Romanesque architecture’s characteristics in Burgundy

Romanesque architecture is mainly distinguished by its massive façades, great simplicity and architectural purity. The buildings take the form of a Latin cross and feature pointed barrel vaults. Chapels, churches, cathedrals, basilicas… More than a thousand imposing and majestic Romanesque buildings stand in the surrounding valleys and villages. Mostly built almost a millennium ago, they are each characterised by the ambition, technique and imagination of their creators. Burgundy's Romanesque sites are open all year round for memorable cultural, spiritual or aesthetic experiences.


Romanesque architecture’s historical treasures in Burgundy

Southern Burgundy has one of the largest concentrations of Romanesque churches in France, each with its own history, charm and specificities. Its places steeped in magic and history include:

  • The church of Notre-Dame de Cluny
  • The church of Sainte-Cécile
  • The church of Buffières
  • The church of Saint-André-le-Désert
  • The church of Berzé-le-Châtel
  • The abbey of Saint Philibert  
  • The church of Sainte-Madeleine
  • The chapel of Saint-Laurent  
  • The church of Saint-Valérien
  • The abbey of Fontenay  
  • The Basilica of Vézelay

There are many tourist trails that take you around these Romanesque buildings in southern Burgundy. There is no shortage of ideas for walks! From Tournus to Cluny, discover all the wonders of Romanesque architecture. The Hôtel Le Rempart invites you to stay in one of its Premium rooms in Tournus, where wellbeing, comfort and elegance are the order of the day.